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What are the types of membrane switches?

From:admin Date: 2017-06-19
1. Flexible film
Flexible membrane switches are typical forms of membrane switches. This type of membrane switch is called flexibility because the membrane layer of the membrane switch, the isolation layer, the circuit layer all by a variety of different nature of the flexible film. 
Flexible membrane switch circuit layer, are used good electrical properties of polyester film (PET) as a switch circuit graphics carrier, this layer is also equipped with feel shrapnel, up and down the circuit. Because polyester is thin
The film has the effect of nature, making the membrane switch has good insulation, heat resistance, bending resistance and high resilience. The circuit of the switch circuit, including the switch on the line and its lead wire are used low
Resistance, low temperature conditions, curing the conductive coating printed. Therefore, the composition of the entire membrane switch, with a certain degree of flexibility, not only for the use of flat body, but also with the curved surface with. soft
The film switch leads are integral with the switch body itself. When the group switch is connected, it is collected in a part of the film and extends outwardly according to the design specified position and the standard line distance.
For the soft, can be bent, sealed lead wire and the machine's rear circuit connected.
Hard film
Rigid membrane switch is the switch of the graphics and lines are made on the universal printed circuit on the CCL. Rigid membrane switch is characterized by convenient material, process stability, low resistance, and in the back of its direct welding
Some of the components in the circuit. In the case of small size, can save the hard liner layer. Rigid membrane switches are generally used as a conductive guide for the metal guide, it is better feel. The bad side
The surface is easy to fit in the machine and the soft film switch is convenient, often need to weld and lead through the flat cable leads. Hard film switch information feedback in addition to buzzing signal, LED instructions, the general can be
Using metal feel shrapnel
3. Plane film
The key on the membrane switch, which indicates the position, shape and size of the key body in different colors, is more common in the initial stage of the membrane switch. Stereo Membrane Switch: Normally, the buttons on the membrane switch are only colored
Color to express the position, shape and size of the key body. In this way, the accuracy of the operation can only be identified by the operator's vision, since there is no appropriate feedback to indicate whether the finger is in the effective range of the switch
So that the switch action, thus affecting the overall monitoring of self-confidence and speed of operation. A slightly raised, slightly higher than the panel, constitute a three-dimensional shape of the membrane switch, known as the three-dimensional key switch. Stand
Body key not only can accurately give the scope of the key body to improve the speed of identification, so that the operator's touch more sensitive, but also enhance the appearance of the product decorative effect.
4. Raise the film
Typically, the buttons on the membrane switch only use color to express the position, shape and size of the key body. In this way, only by the operator's vision to identify the accuracy of the operation, because there is no appropriate feedback,
Thus affecting the self-confidence and operation of the machine monitoring speed. So in the panel design stage will make arrangements, with the process hole, so that when the mold is pressed with precise positioning, the three-dimensional raised
The height should not exceed twice the thickness of the substrate. For the appearance of aesthetically pleasing product, the protrusion of the raised film switch can be made with a variety of variations.
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