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What is the conductivity of the membrane switch?

From:admin Date: 2019-04-17
The panel of the membrane switch has to be overprinted many times, and it needs to be assembled with the circuit and the isolation layer. Therefore, the benchmark of the panel is particularly important. When printing the panel, you should pay full attention to the unification of the overprinting standard. The selection of this benchmark should pay special attention to make the design drawing of the processing drawing completely consistent with the process reference, measurement reference and assembly register, thus ensuring the precision of the membrane switch.
    Switch circuit screen printing. The printing material of the printed switch circuit is usually a silver paste, which is also called a silver paste because it is a viscous paste. The processing of electronic components by screen printing using silver paste has been used for a long time, but it is mostly a high-temperature sintering reduction type. The silver paste used in the membrane switch circuit is limited by the temperature resistance of the substrate, and a low-temperature curing type silver paste must be used. There are many types of silver paste for printed film switch circuits, and the performance and quality are also very different. The performance of the evaluation of the silver paste should be evaluated from the aspects of electrical resistivity, solid content, particle size of the metal particles, bonding strength, curing temperature, etc., and then selected. Since the quality of the silver paste is expensive, its quality is related to the conductivity of the membrane switch, so it should be carefully selected.
         When scratching, the principle of returning to light scraping should be followed. This type of squeegee is used because the viscosity of the silver paste is thicker than ordinary inks and also contains metal solids. The so-called heavy back scraping means that when the ink is returned, there is a certain pressing force on the silver paste, forcing it to fill the ink passing portion on the printing film; the light scraping is actually a process of cleaning the silver paste and cutting the printing material on the net. The fullness of the graphics has been determined by the "return", and excessive printing force will distort the graphics.
         The presence of various solvents and auxiliaries in the conductive silver paste has a certain influence on the electrical resistivity, so that they are released from the conductive circuit, and mainly rely on hot air drying to volatilize. The drying temperature is generally controlled at 85-90 ° C, and is kept at a constant temperature for 40 minutes under hot air. Practice has proved that conductive patterns that are not thoroughly dried tend to be 10 times higher than the dry pattern resistance.
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