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What is the difference between a membrane switch and a tact switch?

From:admin Date: 2020-05-19
Membrane switches have made great progress in the waterproof, insurance, and reliable performance markets due to the breakthrough in technical information. Due to the convenience of the device and the decline in profits, the membrane switch has gradually begun to replace the application area without the tact switch. What about the difference between membrane switches and tact switches? Chuangming will explain to you below.
    The tact switch has a small volume and is a standard part. The inch size and related parameters must be combined with the business standard, and the color is relatively diverse; and the membrane switch can be customized according to the owner's request. The unique size, appearance and color, etc., are more convenient and flexible. Good rigidity, open structure and waterproof structure, better compliance with conditions.
The cost and price of the tact switch are relatively low, and there is no large price transfer due to the stable availability of the original materials in the market; while the membrane switch has a higher price and a larger volume than the original materials, which is greatly affected by the price factors of the original materials.
    Both the tact switch and the membrane switch are functional switches. When the tact switch is used, the switch can be turned on by quietly pressing the switch button. When the hand is released, the switch can be turned off. The internal structure is dependent on the metal shrapnel. Force the spring to complete the continuity. Membrane switch is a kind of button with a route. The uppermost layer is a panel with text or patterns composed of materials such as pet or pc. The lower layer is a thermally conductive road. The center layer is an analog switch mode and plays an isolation role. For the double-sided tape made of pet materials, the lowermost part is usually the contacts on the pet material and the road to take. When pressing the position of the button on the surface layer with the finger, the button contacts of the button are in positional contact with the contacts on the upper layer to form a direct current connection.
    Membrane switches have become equally professional. The real superficiality is the panel-type buttons. The name is relatively familiar. The control panels of many devices all use pellicle switches. They are widely used in electronic communications, electronic measurement instruments, light industrial control, medical equipment. , Bus light industry, smart toys, household appliances, etc.
    Membrane switch is a kind of multi-layer structure (planar) (non-locking) key switch composed of insulative insulating material layer, which integrates the performance of keys, indicator parts, instrument surface board and so on.
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