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Technical standards of membrane switches in the electrical industry

From:admin Date: 2020-07-13
In the production practice of membrane switches, the establishment principles and test methods of the electrical performance indicators such as withstand voltage and insulation resistance in membrane switches and the numerical indicators (color tolerance) in the copy of the ink color (color and spot color) of the panel layer . The quality management ideas expressed in this article are very constructive for the formulation, revision and standardization of technical standards for electronic/screen printing products. Keywords Membrane Switch Standardization Standardization Quality Management I. Importance of Quality Standards and Standardization With the development of the world economy, "quality first" has become the common belief of the international business community, and vigorously carrying out research and practice of quality management has become a national The main means for enterprises to win in the competition. In the domestic enterprises, including the screen printing industry, with the establishment and gradual improvement of the socialist market economic system, the concept of "quality is the life of the enterprise" has been recognized by the business community. When it comes to quality and quality management, of course, we cannot do without standards and standardization. The so-called "standard" is a standard for evaluating and measuring product quality or service quality (as well as work quality, process quality, etc.), and is the basis for enterprises to carry out product quality design and product quality management. Without various standards, there is no way to manage; and the so-called "standardization", defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) means: for the benefit of all relevant parties, especially to promote the best comprehensive economy and appropriate Taking into account the product use conditions and safety requirements, with the cooperation of all relevant parties, the process of formulating and implementing various rules in an orderly and specific activity. Standardization is based on the comprehensive results of science, technology and experiment. It not only lays the current foundation, but also does not determine the future development. It is always consistent with the pace of development. The implementation of standardization work, including technical standardization and the implementation of other standards, also need to be implemented in the enterprise's quality management process. In this process, standards and standardization work have been tested by actual work, drawing nutrients from them, and have been continuously developed to obtain strong vitality. The process of quality management, that is, the process of standardization, and standardization also play a full role in the implementation of quality management.
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