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How many processes can I choose for membrane switches?

From:admin Date: 2020-08-17
Common membrane switches generally have a 6-layer structure:
1. A flat-key membrane switch with a pot piece inside. This is more common. It can avoid opening a set of embossing molds, and it has a certain pressing and opening feeling. The service life is generally more than 1 million times!
2. The surface film is embossed, and the surface film is embossed and the silver paste is printed on the top to press and conduct. If the operation is wrong, the life may be only about 100,000 times. If the process is good, it can reach 500,000 times without deformation!
3. Inner membrane embossing and outer membrane embossing processes, this feel is very good, it needs two sets of embossing molds to complete, the life can reach more than 800,000 presses!
4. Press the convex surface membrane switch, and put the pot piece inside. This is a common membrane switch process, which is beautiful and practical. The test result is generally more than 1 million times!
5. Capacitive variable membrane switch. This is only a single-layer wire single-layer silver paste printed conductive. It is a light-touch variable membrane switch. It uses technology and practicality. On average, there is no possibility of damage. Generally, the device is broken. The membrane switch will not be broken either!
6. Capacitive membrane switch, this is a touch button type, the IC must be compatible, and it must be an IC that knows how to operate! The unit price is relatively low, generally about 1.8 yuan for 50mm*50mm, long life and low price to gain an advantage!
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