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New Information

No need to worry about the waterproof effect of the membrane switch

From:admin Date: 2020-06-11
Membrane switches are a type of switches that are resistant to the environment, which means they can resist the harsh external environment, such as dust, temperature, and moisture. Water has a lethal effect on commodities, especially electronic commodities. Such lethality is like dripping water through stones. If it can't block the harm brought by water, then it will reduce the impact of water on the life of the goods.
Membrane switch is not afraid of water, that is, it can reduce the impact of water on the life of the switch to a certain extent. In the face of strong water, the factors that the switch can survive are related to its structure, manufacturing materials and manufacturing properties. Membrane key switch belongs to a sealed structure, the sealing performance will prevent the invasion of foreign impurities to a certain extent, the materials of the switch are all waterproof materials and are guaranteed brand materials, so they can still be maintained when contacting a small amount of moisture The original life. Regarding the manufacturing nature of the switch, it is to change the traditional switch, so that the existing switch can play a greater effect in the whole product. As far as the membrane switch is concerned, it has many different functions from the normal switch, and can also be used as The appearance and maintenance of the whole product are free from external harm.
The life of the membrane switch can be as high as more than 1 million times, without too much worry about the harm caused by external influences, waterproofing is only one of the main functions of the membrane switch.
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