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New Information

Key points and precautions for proofing manufacturing of PVC button panel of reactive power compensation regulator

From:admin Date: 2020-07-13
What is the reactive power compensation regulator
The reactive power compensation adjustment machine, also known as the reactive power compensation controller, is the core unit of the reactive power compensation device and occupies the core position in the entire reactive power compensation device. Reactive power compensation devices are in the power industry. In order to improve power quality and save energy, reactive power compensation devices are indispensable in industrial and mining enterprises, especially large power consumers.
Reactive power compensation regulator
The function of PVC button panel of reactive power compensation regulator
The appearance of the reactive power compensation regulator is as follows. It can be seen that the human-machine interface part of the appearance of the reactive power compensation regulator uses a plastic sheet printed with certain patterns, text and colors. In the industry, this plastic is called The sheet is a membrane button or membrane button panel. Since the original membrane key panel was printed with PVC material as the substrate, although with the development of technology, PC has replaced PVC to a large extent and to a large extent, people are still used to making products such as membrane key panels PVC button panel. Therefore, the PVC button panel is just a customary term, it does not mean that the panel must be printed from PVC material. Based on keeping the user secret, this panel erases the company logo information.
The appearance of PVC button panel
As the man-machine interface of the reactive power compensation regulator, the PVC button panel mainly plays two roles. First, the function is to improve the transparent display window, raised keys, and instructions. Second, the role of decoration, who can deny that development is also competitive, especially in this era. Therefore, as a PVC button panel, people are given the role of decoration, enhance product aesthetics and competitiveness. A beautiful and generous design, including the brand, specifications and models, company logo, manufacturer information, user-friendly operation of the PVC button panel is the key entry point and foothold to improve the product level and enhance the user experience. Therefore, product manufacturers, especially listed companies and industry leaders pay special attention to the design and product quality of products including PVC key panels, which also puts forward higher requirements on film key panel manufacturers to encourage PVC keys Panel manufacturers continue to improve processes, improve quality, shorten delivery time, and improve service levels.
Why need to proof the PVC button panel
Proofing, this word is familiar to many people, yes, proofing means to make samples. The purpose of proofing is to check whether the product meets the requirements. The word corresponding to proofing is batch manufacturing. Proofing can eliminate the existence of batch manufacturing in advance. The problem. In product trial production, proofing is a common practice.
Specific to the PVC button panel, proofing, you can test and evaluate the designed product in terms of color, size, appearance, etc., which is conducive to exposing and eliminating problems. This is the direct reason why the PVC button panel needs to be proofed.
The key points and precautions of the process of proofing and manufacturing of PVC key panel
The process of proofing and manufacturing of PVC key panel is the same, the following is the process flow:
1, out of film
2. Plate making
3. Silk screen
4. Cutting the bottom glue
5. Assembly
6. Inspection
The above six steps constitute the process of proofing and manufacturing the key panel. If you want to ask, which step is the most important, you can only say that each step is particularly important, and silk screens account for a greater proportion of it. The level of screen printing technology determines the color, color size, line clarity and other information of the key panel, which is the most important aspect of the quality component of the PVC key panel. The above six steps will not be described in detail.
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