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New Information

How about membrane switches made from FPC circuit boards?

From:admin Date: 2020-08-17
Membrane switches made of FPC circuit boards have a long service life and good quality, that is, the price will be more expensive than other membrane switches. After all, you get what you pay for. A good membrane switch must be more expensive than ordinary membrane switches. Highlight its value. So, what is the double-layer and double-sided structure of FPC circuit boards?
Dongguan Membrane Key Switch
First, introduce the structure of the FPC double-layer board of the membrane switch. If the circuit is too complicated, then the single-layer board cannot be wired or copper foil is needed for grounding shielding, so you need to choose a double-layer board or even a multilayer board. The typical difference between a multi-layer board and a single-layer board is the addition of a via structure to connect each layer of copper foil. Generally, the processing technology of base material, transparent glue and copper foil is to make via holes. Firstly, drill holes on the base material and copper foil. After cleaning, plate a certain thickness of copper, and the via holes are completed.
Then punch it into a small circuit board of the corresponding shape, and some do not use a protective film but directly print a solder mask on the copper foil, so the cost will be lower, but the mechanical strength of the circuit board will become worse, so it is made The quality of the membrane switch will also be poor, unless the strength requirements are not high but the price needs to be as low as possible, it is the method of applying a protective film. There are pads on both sides of the double-sided board, which are mainly used for connection with other circuit boards.
Although it is similar to the single-layer board structure, the manufacturing process is very different. Its raw materials are copper foil, protective film and transparent glue. First, drill holes on the protective film according to the requirements of the pad position, and then paste the copper foil to corrode the pads and leads, and then paste another drilled protective film. In fact, the production of FPC circuit boards is almost the same, with minor changes.
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