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New Information

What is the customized film button made of PET raw material?

From:admin Date: 2020-08-17
There are many raw materials for the production of membrane keys. The raw materials of the panels are mentioned. The panel raw materials of Chuangming Electronic Printing are usually PET raw materials, PC raw materials and PVC materials. These three raw materials are commonly used by membrane key manufacturers, but PVC The material has poor adaptability and is not environmentally friendly. It is not suitable for use in this green and environmentally friendly era. Therefore, PVC is usually not used from the perspective of the times or product performance.
Dongguan membrane button
PET raw materials and PC raw materials are the panels usually used by film button manufacturers. Compared with the two, the hardness of PET raw materials is greater, and the product can be used more frequently. Therefore, the film buttons with large button parts need to use PET to make the film buttons. Panel raw materials. Take the washing machine that we use in our daily life. It is a household appliance with high frequency of use, so the raw material of the switch panel of the washing machine is very important.
If you use PC raw materials to make the panel, it will be damaged after repeated use. For consumers, they will doubt whether they buy such a washing machine by themselves. When consumers have doubts about this washing machine, the reputation of this washing machine will decline first and foremost. Therefore, the wrong selection of the raw materials for the membrane key panel will affect the life of the entire electronic product. Consumers prefer good quality electronic products. Choosing a good membrane panel is an important step for the product to be favored.
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