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Membrane switch installation Note

From:admin Date: 2017-06-19
Membrane switch of the note:
1. In the membrane switch above the need to lay a layer of bubble film, so that the film switch to press the key to reduce the work, so that will not cause damage to the key, should be saved. Dongguan membrane switch
2. Membrane switch is a layer of transparent film is used to protect the membrane switch a flash window, this film is best not to tear off when used.
3. Take the membrane switch to be doubly careful, do not appear scratching the phenomenon, after the other to be placed neatly restitution.
4. When the number of membrane switch more, when packing the attention of the switch panel should not be put together, to be erected, so that it can effectively avoid the membrane switch button for a long time in the heavy
Under pressure to produce damage.
5. The membrane switch outlet in the packing and placing the time to pay special attention, must let the film switch the direction of the outlet in the above.
6. Can have a window of the membrane switch, when picked up and stored should be careful to avoid the film switch force to produce a bend, or there will be recoverable creases, and thus damage to the membrane switch
7. Membrane switch in the storage place, to do a good job of dust and moisture treatment, to ensure that the storage environment does not exist strong acid, alkali or other corrosive gases and substances. Simultaneously
But also to do pest prevention work.
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