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12 benefits of film panels for lamps

From:admin Date: 2019-03-26
What is the film panel? I think everyone knows it, but Chuangming Electronics is a rough introduction. The film panel is a new type of touch panel that can be touched on the switch to complete the opening and closing of the controlled circuit. The switch device replaces the button form of the mechanical switch. Now that thin film panels are often used on luminaires, what are the benefits?
1. Convenient device: standardize the 86-type wall switch exterior planning, no need to connect the zero line, do not need to change the luminaire of one, can directly replace the original wall switch;
2. Applicable lamps: The film panel can be connected with fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamps, spotlights, halogen lamps, etc.
3. Lightning protection planning: The film panel is equipped with lightning protection function, and the performance is safe and reliable;
4, remote control of the wall: the film panel can be used to carry out wireless remote control over a long distance through the wall;
5, do not disturb each other: the film panel uses digital codec skills, no directional, and the neighboring models of the same model will not interfere with each other;
6, the call self-extinguishing: the grid will be called after the power outage, the switch is actively in the off state, to prevent the waste of electricity;
7. Two-way control: the film panel can be controlled by the wall or remotely controlled, and can also be controlled by the touch screen wall remote control, which is more convenient to use;
8. Centralized remote control: A multi-button remote control can centrally control the intelligent remote control switch of the whole family;
9. Group control function: The film panel can be set with any button on the remote control to control the multi-channel lamps, so that these lamps can be turned on together or closed together;
10, total open total: the remote control can be set to open the total open or total off button, you can easily open or close all the lights by pressing a button;
11. Learning and identification: The film panel can learn to identify any remote control in the company's series of products. The switch and remote control do not need to be purchased. Users can choose it at will, upgrade and increase it by themselves; compare the unique features of peer products:
12, special contact code method, anti-interference can be stronger
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