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What is a flexible membrane switch?

From:admin Date: 2020-05-09
Flexible membrane switch is a typical way of membrane switch. The reason why this type of membrane switch is called flexible is because the membrane layer, isolation layer, and circuit layer of this membrane switch are all composed of software films with different properties.
The circuit layer of the flexible membrane switch is made of polyester film (PET) with outstanding electrical functions as the carrier of the switch circuit pattern. This layer is also divided into touch spring and upper and lower circuits. Because of the influence of the properties of the polyester film, the membrane switch has excellent insulation, heat resistance, folding resistance and high resilience. The graphics of the switch circuit, including the on-line of the switch and its lead-out lines, are all printed with low resistance and conductive paint cured under low temperature conditions. Therefore, the composition of the entire membrane switch has certain flexibility, which is not only suitable for use on a flat body, but also cooperates with a curved body. The lead wire of the flexible membrane switch is integrated with the switch body itself. When manufacturing the online connection of the group switch, it is collected in a certain place of the membrane, and extends outward according to the position specified by the design and the standard line distance, as a soft , Leading wire which can be twisted and sealed arbitrarily is connected to the rear circuit of the whole machine.
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