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What aspects of the finished film panel should be inspected?

From:admin Date: 2019-04-17
Dongguan Chuangming Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. serves the customers with the principle of “not buying defective products, not producing defective products, not discharging defective products, and not letting out defective products”. The membrane switch manufacturers should carry out the quality of the produced film panels. Strict control of each link, so for each batch of finished or factory-patented film panels to pass the qualified inspection, as long as this can ensure the quality of the film panel, the following is the creation of the film panel 8 by Chuangming Electronics The inspection of the aspect, specifically to share with you:
1. Viewing the raw materials of the film panel: adhesives, adhesives, panels, carbon ink, spacers, reinforcing plates, substrates, silver paste, and insulating printing should conform to the drawing rules.
2, the shape of the comparison: the shape of the film panel, conductor lines, insulation treatment, liner combination, etc. should be in line with the drawing rules or supply of samples.
3. Checking scale: The scale of the drawing without tolerance shall conform to the specification, and the other shall conform to the drawing rules.
4, view the appearance: the film panel can not have significant shortcomings, such as the lack of strokes; characters, light spots; deinking, stains, scratches; clear window overflow, residual glue. Unbiased representation, such as print set, combination of upper and lower keys, line and keypad, film panel and button combination, bubble button and substrate at the button of the film panel. Stamping burrs and extrusion dimensions should not be greater than 0.2mm, and the position should be toward the side without conductors.
5, check the color: select the visual method, compare with the sample or color card to see if there is color difference, the color request is particularly strict with the color difference meter.
6, the adhesion of the ink view: ink through the clear tape attached hand pressure to ensure that no bubbles after 10 seconds, agile peeling, no ink drop appearance. After the insulating ink is dried, the ink surfaces are placed against each other and then pressed for 24 hours, so that the insulating surfaces are not mutually adhered. After pressing the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape for 1 minute without air bubbles, the gel was peeled off and no ink was dropped.
7. Peel strength inspection: The peel strength of the glue should not be lower than 8N/25mm.
8, bubbling inspection: the height is flat, the strength is balanced. Plane type: 57 ~ 284g force, touch feeling: 170 ~ 397g force.
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