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The whole performance of membrane switch can be summarized as several points

From:admin Date: 2020-10-14
The film switch is made of conductive paste printed contact circuit on flexible polycarbonate or polyester film and is a type of contact switch. Shenzhen thin film switch is flat type, multi-layer combination, sealed structure, is integrated key switch, panel function mark, reading display transparent window, indicator window and circuit of the electronic machine operating system assembly.
1. Good sealing performance
Dongguan Chuang Ming thin film switch is an integral sealed structure, so the contact of the switch will not be corroded by harmful gases, and is not easy to be oxidized; Waterproof and dustproof, more suitable for all kinds of harsh environment.
Membrane switch
2. Rich color and beautiful appearance
The film switch can be customized according to the user's design concept, and the color pattern can be customized. The decorative effect reflects the comprehensive characteristics of the beauty of materials, decoration and technology.
3. Small volume, light weight, reliable structure
The film switches can be arranged in combination to form a film keyboard with a high density and a sealed plate structure consisting of several layers of film. All connections and wires between switches are screen printed once. After completion, the total thickness is 1 ~ 3mm, thus reducing the volume, reducing the quality and improving the reliability.
4. Reduce the cost of supporting mechanical and electrical products
Traditional mechanical switches need to be welded during installation and must be matched with fixed supports. The installation of Shenzhen thin film switch is paste type. As long as the adhesive paper is removed, it adheres firmly to the entire surface of the machine and is inserted into the lead outlet. The circuit can be opened immediately at the socket in the circuit at the back of the machine.
The durability of 5.
The film switch life of Dongguan Chuang Ming can reach more than one million times in general. Such a long life is due to the action of the switch, which is due only to the vertical motion of the elastic membrane. Although the elastic membrane has experienced millions of times of creep, the creep is very small, ranging from 0.1 to 0.3mm(two switching distances), and the material selection is reasonable beyond the yield limit of the membrane, so the membrane material can withstand more than a million years of life without deformation. On the other hand, the switch contacts are in vertical contact and wear is minimal. Screen printing contacts can be thick enough, and a layer of conductive carbon can be printed on the silver paste contacts to achieve high wear resistance and self-lubrication, so the life of the film switch is more than 10 times that of the film switch. Mechanical contact switch.
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