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Film switch components

From:admin Date: 2020-10-14
Membrane switch panel layer is in commonly less than 0.25 MM of PET, PC, such as colorless transparent sheet exquisite design and text on screen printing, because the membrane switch panel floor of the main role is to identity and key role, so the membrane switch panel layer choose materials must have high transparency, high ink adhesion, high elasticity, prevent fold, etc.
The main function of the cushion layer of the film switch is to connect the panel layer and the circuit layer closely to achieve the sealing and connection effect. The thickness of this layer is generally required to be between 0.02-- 0.05mm, with high viscosity and anti-aging property. In the production, the general selection of special film switch double-sided adhesive, some film switch requirements can be waterproof and high temperature, so the film switch pad adhesive layer must also be used according to the needs of different properties of materials.
Film switch control circuit upper and lower layer: this layer adopts PET with good performance as the carrier of switch circuit graphics and USES silver paste, carbon paste or gold paste to make it conductive, its thickness is generally within 0.05--0.175MM, the most common is 0.125MM PET.
Film switch adhesive layer: it is between the upper circuit layer and the lower circuit layer of film switch and ACTS as a seal and connection. PET double-sided adhesive tape is generally used, and its thickness varies from 0.05 to 0.2mm. When selecting this layer material, the overall thickness of the film switch, insulation, feel of the circuit key pack and tightness should be fully considered.
The adhesive layer on the back of the film switch: the adhesive layer on the back is closely related to the film switch and what kind of material it is bonded to. Common double-sided adhesive, 3M adhesive and waterproof adhesive are commonly used. Film switch material, in addition to the requirements of leveling and printing adaptability, more important is to have flexibility and high elasticity characteristics.
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