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How are the external shortcomings of membrane switches generally caused

From:admin Date: 2021-01-26
The shortcomings of membrane switches can directly affect the appearance and service life of the whole machine, so you need to know this shortcoming to get value-for-money products when purchasing panels. Excellent membrane panels not only improve the appearance of the whole machine, but also Maintain the whole product to extend the service life of the product.
The question that affects the appearance of the membrane switch is the color question on the one hand. The ink modulation share error is the main reason for the severe color deviation. Regarding the appearance of electronic goods, the control of color is strict, and the control of color The cost of demand is relatively high, but in terms of color, there is indeed a demand for a reasonable scale. Only when there is control, there is standard and quality. In addition, the film panel will have defects such as stains, light transmission points, bumps, ink bubbles, deinking, and color spots. These shortcomings are related to the printing technology, but it does not remove the damage during the assembly process.
The inherent shortcomings of membrane switches may not be easy to be discovered, but these external shortcomings can be found only by careful inspection. The shortcomings are not terrible. If you are afraid, you don't know. If you don't find it, let the shortcomings continue to develop.
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